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A Partner in Difficult Times


Regency is a leading national provider of pet aftercare services that remains deeply personalized on the local level.

Our team members have dedicated themselves to taking on the role of a trusted, sympathetic advisor when people need it most. During what can be one of the most difficult, painful times for pet families, our experience and resources are vast, our service is flexible, timely and professional, and our commitment to providing the best possible care is unwavering.

By partnering with Regency, you will be placing your clients in the care of experts whose mission rests on consistently delivering service that is principled, reliable and humane. We have built a highly respected network of care centers that value integrity, honesty and empathy. We offer a research-based approach combined with the most ethical and state-of-the-art technology so you can rest assured that your clients are receiving high-quality care from a compassionate provider. We deeply value the trust placed in us and would be proud to be your partner.

Services Unlike Any Other

Regency is proud to offer not only unmatched care but an array of options for pet families as they go through the aftercare process. Whatever their wish, our team is committed to providing you with every option to make this journey as comfortable for them as possible. The Regency family is comprised of highly trained end-of-life care professionals who are proud to provide premium service to pets and their families.


Virtual Viewings and Tours

In lieu of in-person viewings, we now offer pet families the opportunity to participate safely while experiencing their beloved pet’s aftercare services. Regency has an open door policy ensuring complete transparency at all care centers.


Pet Tracking Technology

Our revolutionary pet tracking system, AngelPaw ensures that all beloved pets have a step-by-step chain of custody to remain transparent with pet families. Our system will provide full integration to all major Practice Information Management Systems.



We are proud to only use Euthabags in our process to provide pets with the utmost dignity during the aftercare process while using the highest quality and most eco-friendly materials. Costs are integrated into the cost of euthanasia which allows clinics to benefit without additional costs.


For those families who wish to have a beautiful and understated keepsake of their pet, we offer remembrances of pets that clients can wear or keep with them.

  • Eterneva Diamonds celebrate remarkable pets by turning their fur or ashes into diamonds.

  • Memory Pearls are handcrafted pearls and sophisticated jewelry with different designs to choose from.

  • Celebration of Life Trees in partnership with Americal Forests.

  • Pet Portraits with a Purpose is commissioned artwork from award-winning artists.

  • Compassionate Care Packages that provide a premium experience to help retain pet families for future services.

Research Partnerships

Regency is a proud member of CAETA and PLPA and partners with these organizations to conduct research that allows us to provide the care pet families want and deserve. Additionally, Regency sponsored the “Pet Owners’ Expectations for Pet End-of-Life Support and After-Death Body Care: Exploration and Practical Applications” research study conducted by Kathleen A. Cooney, Lori R. Kogan, Summer L. Brooks and Coleen A. Ellis.

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