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MedPro Disposal provides customers with reliable, cost-effective medical waste disposal service. As a nationwide vendor, MedPro can deliver the service you expect and the savings you deserve.


  • Medical and Biohazardous Waste Disposal (including Sharps)
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal (controlled and non-controlled)
  • Online Compliance Training
MedPro Disposal Solutions


Switching to MedPro means no more confusing invoices, fuel surcharges, energy surcharges, retention fees or pickup fees.


Comprehensive and convenient. Access it virtually anywhere!

  • MSDS/SDS: Easily search, view, print, save and organize all of your MSDS / SDS sheets.
  • TRAINING: BBP Training, HAZCOM Training, HIPAA Training
  • ONLINE SAFETY AUDITS: Access and identify health, safety and fire hazards.
  • FEDERAL REGULATIONS: Research, print and organize any of 203,000 federal regulations.
  • ONLINE SAFETY PLANS: Complete and edit OSHA compliant safety plans. Make them available online for staff.
  • ICD-10: Search, print and bookmark all of your relevant codes to reduce billing errors and rejected claims.