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GuardianVets - Redefining Continuity of Care

Who is GuardianVets?

GuardianVets is the leading telehealth provider that offers a comprehensive solution to help the veterinary practice improve communication with their clients, including; after-hours triage support, monetizing time with telemedicine, and communicate with clients through the tailored GuardianVets mobile app.

What is GuardianVets triage service?

GuardianVets' triage is provided by our own team of credentialed, licensed veterinary technicians and DVMs answering your practice's calls after-hours. The team works with your clients to determine whether they have an emergent or non-emergent concerns based on a series of questions about their pets. Our team DOES NOT treat, diagnose or prescribe

How does GuardianVets provide telemedicine?

Now, you can schedule and conduct a virtual visit and integrate directly into your practice management software, while maintaining your state’s VCPR requirements.

What can my practice do with the GuardianVets communication platform?

Enable your staff to communicate to clients through SMS or in-app chat about prescription refills, minor pet concerns, assist with scheduling appointments, and more.

Phone: (866)-744-7807

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