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About Us

Welcome and thank you for choosing Midwest Veterinary Supply.

To our valued customers, friends, and organizations that we represent,

I am humbled to have the opportunity for Midwest Veterinary Supply to celebrate the milestone of 60 years in the animal health industry in 2021, and I want to thank you for being a part of our success.

Guy Flickinger

My father, Robert Flickinger DVM, started Fargo Vet Supply in 1960 and I don’t think he realized how busy he was going to get. He began by providing products for veterinarians in his local area and quickly started getting calls from all over the midwest. In 1961 he renamed his company Midwest Veterinary Supply.

There was no sales team or marketing of the company, it was through listening to veterinarians and providing personalized service that Midwest evolved. The cornerstone of our success was built on old fashioned hard work and values. In the beginning we didn’t have a sales staff knocking on doors, it was word of mouth from those we served that fueled our growth. My father’s customers knew they could depend on Midwest and with a hand shake he began to develop business relationships that supported the success of veterinary clinics.

Midwest has continued this philosophy throughout the years. We are here to listen to what clinics need and will do our best to help them carve out a path of success in their communities. We are now a full-service resource to the veterinary community, with a wide portfolio of products. And, we have eight warehouses, a committed sales team from coast-to-coast, provide on-line stores and a pharmacy.

The animal health industry has changed tremendously over the decades. There are many more products available now to help quickly diagnose and successfully treat animals. We can now offer multiple treatments and cures for diseases that years ago would not have been possible.

The best thing about my job is people. I have met a lot of great people over the years and I have truly enjoyed that opportunity. From the outstanding employees of Midwest who have a passion for animal health and serving customers, to the innovators, entrepreneurs, and the staffs at veterinary clinics, please know that I sincerely enjoy talking with you. I get excited when I see the new diagnostic technologies that are being introduced, many of which we had not even dreamed about back in the old days. And, it brings hope every time we hear about a new cancer treatment that can cure and bring quality and longevity to the lives of our pets.

Midwest continues to take pride in doing business with a personal approach and developing long term partnerships with clinics that go beyond just selling products. I want to thank the animal care facilities that have entrusted Midwest to be their partner for success, the manufacturers that we proudly represent and the employees who have been the backbone of Midwest Veterinary Supply. Together we have made a difference in the field of veterinary medicine.

Please join us as we celebrate our 60th anniversary this year and step into the next decade with Midwest Veterinary Supply.


Guy Flickinger, President

On behalf of the entire staff at Midwest Veterinary Supply